Amanda, Perfectly Made

A Caregiver’S Journey

Laurel Rausch Greshel

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


On August 1, 1983, Laurel Greshels world changed forever after a phone call from her doctor. After receiving word that her unborn baby had serious health issues, Laurel was overwhelmed. As she and her husband, Ted, struggled to accept the diagnosis that their daughter, Amanda, would be born with spina bifida, they had to slowly learn to say goodbye to normal and embrace each of their tiny newborns accomplishments. Without any instruction book on how to raise a child with spina bifida, Laurel and Ted must learn to survive countless medical issues and several near-death scares with Amanda by leaning on their faith in God. As Laurel candidly shares experiencesboth good and badthat she has with doctors, nurses, teachers, family members, and friends, she offers a heartfelt glimpse into her painful struggles as she gives entirely of herself to help Amanda grow to her full potential. With the help of Gods steady hand, Laurel manages to raise two other daughters, nurture her marriage, and cope with all the ups and downs of caring for a medically challenged child. In this poignant memoir, one mother describes her unforgettable journey through her daughters difficulties, revealing the important message that God creates all of us just the way He wants us perfectly made.