Love's Fool

Diamond Drake

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Madeline Stiles is a beautiful, successful, independent thirty-year-old who seems to have it all--but appearances can be deceiving. And when her sister Christa is left by her fianc on the way to their lavish wedding, the light begins to shine on just how unhappy the Stiles women really are. Both have demons from the past but Madelines keep her from moving forward in the area of love. Her obsession with a former lover leaves her even more heartbroken and desperate. And its that state of mind that often leads Madeline back into the arms of her on again, off again lover Sidney- the man who loves her unconditionally despite how she treats him. Even when Madeline falls in love with someone else Sidney cant let her go and breaks a lot of hearts, including his own, in his quest to get her back. Madeline's friends Tamia, Avis, Raye Ann, and Deidra are just as unlucky in love and try desperately to navigate the pitfalls of dating and relationships while searching for that perfect someone. A daunting task in itself, but it's made even more so by the fact that each of the women has a secret, one they'll do anything to protect. Its only at Aviss 40th birthday party, the last place any of them suspect, that ALL of their secrets are exposed! Trust is broken and relationships are destroyed beyond repair. Will any of them be able to pick up the pieces after playing the role of . . . Loves Fool

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