The Action-Driven Life

Seven Steps to Finding Your Winning Formula

Don R. Varney

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Whether Im speaking to a large group, in a boardroom, or simply one to one, my goal is to help my audience find the champion within. Just as people in my past inspired me to reach beyond the ordinary, I strive to inspire those I work with and speak to. The football players on the field all had the same thought: Whos the grandpa putting on pads and a helmet? That man was Don R. Varney, a San Antoniobased professional speaker and life principles coach who was about to accomplish his lifelong dream of playing professional footballat age fifty-two! Dons story is like so many others: He once had big dreams, but he thought hed lost his will to achieve them. He rediscovered his passion, and there he was on that field. In this guidebook to achieving goals, he explains how he made it happen. He focuses on seven critical areas: attitude, confidence, training, integrity, objectives and objections, negatives, and, of course, the solution. We all have a burning desire to win, but most of us rationalize defeat before we even begin competing. When we believe we cant win, were exactly right. But when we have faith in our abilities and make preparations to succeed, we can accomplish tremendous things. Today, Don is setting new goals and continues to run for the gold. In The ACTION-Driven Life, he shares a proven formula that can help make you a champion.