Love Waits on Acceptance

A Healing Journey

Patricia Beirne

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


You are about to embark on a journey that will take you places youve never been before and you will learn much about things you dont even know exist. The words flowed out of Patricia Beirnes hand and onto the paper in front of her. Subsequent sessions of automatic writing encouraged her and gave suggestions. I never felt alone again, she says about the beginning of her extraordinary voyage of discovery. To the outside world, Patricia seemed to have it all: an athletic, successful husband, two beautiful daughters, and a home in the San Diego area. Raised with rigid ideas about what women should be, she worked to be the perfect wife, hostess, mother, and homemaker. But as the years went by, Patricia could no longer ignore the growing restlessness and unsettling dreams stirring inside her. She knew she was being called to discover the meaning of her life but what was it? Within a five-year period, both daughters were in serious car accidents, one struggled with drug use, and the other fought depression and a mysterious illness that took her to the hospitalall while Patricias marriage deteriorated. It was then that she discovered she had a gift. She could trust the divine, loving Voice that directed her, and she could use her gift to help her daughters as well as others. Her story is a testament to what can happen when we listen, trust, and open ourselves to new ways of hearing and healing.