Galaxy Probe Voyages Ii-Vi

The Sword of Bokus, Invasion from the Past, the Souls of Edom, the Archangel'S Prophecy, the Epiphany

Randall Brent Abbott

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The Sword of Bokus On the planet Alkan IV, an insane warlord battled to return his planet to the martial philosophy of his worlds past. Captain Kenneth Smith and his crew engaged the forces of Bokus of Alkan IV.Invasion from the PastThe Galaxy Probe was drawn into a conflict between two advanced races in the Andromeda Galaxy. One was acting for Earths welfare. One was acting to conquer Earth. Both were masters of time travel.The Souls of EdomPlanet Zin was hit with a lethal plague. Galaxy Probe was sent to Zin to find a cure and save the Zinite race. Kenneth Smith met the love of his life. The beautiful Vandraka.The Archangels ProphecyGalaxy Probe was drawn into a battle between light and darkness. Between good and evil. To the crews astonishment, they encountered a supernatural being from the spirit realm.The EpiphanyCaptain Kenneth Smith and First Officer Nanu were propelled into an adventure of a life time. One that took them into the presence of evil spirits in Hell and to the throne of God in Heaven.This is a volume of five novellas in the GALAXY PROBE VOYAGES series. Most of this volume is a prequel to GALAXY PROBE VOYAGES- Keturahs Children. These experiences of the spaceship crew take the reader to the Andromeda galaxy, back in time, and into the spirit realm.

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