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Key Kokomo

William S. Beatty Jr.

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Just off the Continental Slope, in the aqua-green waters near the Straits of Florida, is Key Kokomo. Purchased in the early nineteen thirties by a French orphan, the key became an opulent tourist resort known as the Key Kokomo, Pier House Resort." Jethro Thurman Billman, or JT, built his resort on a pier jetting out into the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic. On this key, freshly divorced Chet Walker discovers his worst nightmare is not running from an alcoholic broken marriage. He looks beyond Key Kokomos lush tropical palm tree lined beaches, wispy pine forests, and murky mangrove swamps, and sees a true monster in the keys owner JT. The two men become natural enemies, as Chet meeting new friends, wrestles with the ghosts of his past and his dreams for a future, and JT tries to consume yet one more tortured soul. JTs desperate plan, to continue a dying bloodline, starts to unravel, during a freakish early January hurricane, called Annabelle. Key Kokomo a tropical resort paradise, where love and alcohol flow as free as milk and honey, dreams glow as fresh as the morning sun, and reality comes with a sobering price.

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