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Red Flag Relationships

The Ultimate Red Flags You Should Know

Debra S. Cole MEd LPC

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In Red Flag Relationships, author Debra S. Cole, MEd, LPC addresses the issue of warning signs in personal relationships, business relationships, and several other types of relationships in a straightforward manner. Cole offers the ultimate red flags that pose the most threat, as well as a four-step strategy to help the reader learn how to respond to red flags. Weve all either asked ourselves or heard another ask How could this have happened? There must have been a sign, how did I miss it? Learning to recognize the warning signs helps, but one must also have a strategy of how to respond once a warning sign has been acknowledged. In a sense, learning what red flags to watch for on ones journey through life is a form of emotional emergency preparedness. In addition, there is a lot of practical information in this book about how we interact with the world around us. Cole explains what constitutes healthy vs. unhealthy relationships to help the reader improve all of his or her relationships. Having healthy relationships is the most reward-ing experience in life.