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The Intergalactic Riders

The Day It Began

Kevin D. Barksdale

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


In AD 3150 on Zerian, the home world of the Intergalactic Riders, the past has come back to haunt the peoples of the galaxy. A chain of events is about to unleash an ancient and powerful evil. Every living being in the galaxy faces the very real threat of annihilation unless a young guardian named Altar can find a way to get a message across the time barrier. Can an action of the present truly impact history? As Altar travels ahead of a team of extraordinary heroes to locate the signal that is resonating from the Trimex galaxy, he finds his capsule being pulled into a temporal superstorm that bridges the gap to another galaxy from the past called the Milky Way. Altar is transported back in time to mans earliest beginnings, where his directives and mission becomes entangled. There, the guardian must piece together all the clues and make a choice, as time becomes his greatest enemy. Will Altar decipher the diabolical scheme in time to stop a tyrants revenge, or will the fate of the past and future galaxies be decided by an ancient and terrifying evil with access to powers beyond his comprehension? Altar and the Intergalactic Riders must race against time to save the galaxy from annihilation. If Zerian falls from the heavens, could Earth be next?

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