Thru Trials and Tribulations yet Still I’M Blessed as a Phenomenal Man

Verbal Expression

Charod Lee Fitzgerald

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


This poetry book is a compilation of poems and stories that reflects what a real man should be. Despite the obstacles, trials and tribulations, the poet managed to come out as a man who can stand up through the hard times and triumph over the adversities. He expresses all that he has been through in a unique art form of poetry. This book lets the readers enter into the poets life and experience his journey, allowing them to find certain poems that relate to their current situation, as they will always vary. It tries to take the reader page by page to unexpected topics of poetry that relates to the reader or someone they may know. Every woman dreams of being loved by a man with the passion and emotions conveyed. Men reading it will be motivated to relate their heartfelt feelings to their soul-mate rather than hold them in. Included is a revealing into the authors life showing the affect your family can have on your career choices & future relationships.

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