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In a Nutshell I Love You

With All of My Heart

Teresa Chomsky

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


This inspiring story is based on a true sequence of events that share a powerful, yet simple proof that God’s nature and very profound force of destiny can, and will work through your everyday life.

Meet Miss Fit, a coral shell living in the Em-Ocean Estates. She knew that she is destined and designed for someone somewhere. But after being swallowed by a great whale and being thrown to the shore, will her dream ever come true now?

Mr. T is a perfect walnut shell born from a perfect family tree. Suddenly, he was being tugged and pulled by two squirrels and within minutes, his heart was cracked right open and tossed to the curb. Will he still believe in finding home?

Follow the story of these two amazing characters while understanding more of God’s love with Chomsky’s In a Nutshell I Love You. This book is written to inspire and encourage readers who are seeking for their daily destiny and willing to listen for that small peaceful knowing inside the heart.

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