Dark Dreams

Alex Knight

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Belletristik / Science Fiction


Have you ever engaged eyes with someone and their eyeswere dead, dull and exhibiting nothing?Have you ever engaged eyes with someone and their eyessparkled so brightly that they drew you in as compared tobeing hypnotized?Have you ever had someone walk up to you, call you by adifferent name, and you didnt know them?Have you ever seen someone out of your peripheral visionstaring, observing and imitating your actions?This book is based on facts, made into science fi ctionprotecting innocent people involved with government coverup,projects. Cross matching blood has recently become a diffi cult procedure as many new and different blood types are being introduced. The governments denial of crashed UFOS with aliens aboardand their assistance with our high technology programs willcontinue to remain as such, as well as their agreement, inexchange to breed hybrids. Many believe in all government cover-ups, and continue toseek out the real truths. These truth seekers know......THEY DOLIVE AMONG US!

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