Jokes Guaranteed to Put a Smile on Me

Josh Gunter

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Belletristik / Humor, Satire, Kabarett


My goal in writing a Joke Book for people of all ages is to bring back true, simple, hilarious, funny and fun jokes that have been lost somewhere. It makes me happy and touches my heart to see someone smile when I tell them a joke and I can tell that I have helped them have a better day. Since I was six years old, Ive spent a lot of my life in hospitals and doctors offices hoping and praying that my seizures would be controlled, my memory would improve and that I could have a normal life like my friends. But, Ive learned that sometimes you have to wait for good things to happen, not be in a rush and never give up. It has taken me about 12 years of time and lots of research to finish my book and have it printed. It is a dream come true for me and I believe it will make you smile! ?

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