Heads or Tails

Motivation What Everybody Ought to Know About How to Win at All Cost

Peter Corrigan

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


Are you fed up of not reaching your goals or achieving what you set out to do? Not succeeding and questioning what went wrong? You witness other people winning and succeeding. No matter how hard you try you seem to keep losing time after time. Do you want to be successful at Sport, Careers, relationships and business? Well you can with the book of Heads or Tails. In this book you will learn the secret strategies of champions and winners. You will discover the mind-set of winners which will help you accomplish your goals. The first step to success is to learn the habits, traits and philosophies of the great winners. Heads or Tails offers valuable tips to help you think like a winner and to change your life to become victorious at whatever you set out to do, so look up stand up and dont ever give up. This book will give you Motivation, Inspiration, Passion, Power and Strength to pick yourself up and move forward to win Heads or Tails is packed with information on how to make you into a Champion. Contains a Magic Formula mind-set which is called the three PS Pain, Pleasure Programming is a new way out-of-the-box thought programming which will make you win .It includes the missing pieces about mental toughness that only champion know practical steps that get you winning and keep you winning. We are going to play the game of Heads or Tails and give you information on both sides of the coin Heads or Tails dares you to become a Winner If you want to start winning, start here