Age of the Gentiles and the White God Delusion

A True Logical Bible Study On, Race, Sex, Power, Politics, and War

Timothy Hugee

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


The book is a logical Bible study and in-depth examination of Race, Sex, Power, Politics and War. The Author addresses the false doctrine and propaganda that has been fronted for centuries, by Christianity and Judaism, as to their supremacy above other religions and races. He also examines the role these two religions have played in promoting these false doctrines, which literally contradict, the written laws of the Bible. The book further looks at Islam where the Author acknowledges the origin and foundation of its original teachings, as is likened by God's Commandments and as written in the Holy Bible and Holy Qur'an. The Author takes a scalpel to dissect race and religion to its core. The Author separates the gentile dogma of Christianity and Judaism and highlights their contradiction to the Laws of God. Lastly, he dwells on separation of races based on their individual religious philosophies, concluding in the introduction of Lucifer as a Chief Architect of Gentile religious doctrine and practices. Lucifers mission is to maintain the delusion of the white God and its false power to rule over Black and Semite people. Quotes from Author:I am challenging the worlds Christian religious believers, communities and the general masses to follow the true laws of God. They should stop falling prey to the False Luciferian Doctrine and the delusion of White God. I affirm to the world that, I am a true servant of God who is challenging all religious ministers to debate evidence and facts, referred to in this book through the lesson chapters, so that they may distinguish the truth from the lie. I challenge them to debate about the alleged religious authorities in reference to the Christian and Jewish faith, in order to determine, if truly, their religious practices is of the God of Heaven and Earth. I challenge all ministers to prove that they follow and believe in the commandments, Laws and Statues of God as written in the scriptures. I further challenge all of them to debate the true ethnology and race of Gods chosen people; his first family being the black and Semite (Hebrews), who are identified by their skin pigmentation and coloration; and their true religion to be Abrahamic. This would also prove that True Israelites are cousins to the Ishmaelites. In addition, I challenge all ministers of Jewish Authority, to a debate, as to the true ethnology of True Hebrews of the Land of Palestine and Canaan. It is worth noting that the true Hebrews were removed from the Holy land, and thereafter cursed by God and Scattered unto Gentile nations in all four corners of the earth. And shall remain there, until the second coming of Jesus; as was prophesied in his Revelation war against the Christian, Jewish Armies of Gog (Europe) and Magog (America, Israel), and as foretold in the book of Revelations. I challenge them to deny that it has been 2000 years of Christian Propaganda Crusade by the gentiles and gentile Jews, and Theologians, Philosophers and Historians, to hide the true identity of the true Israelites. Their mission has been to remove parts of, and alter the Holy Scriptures, thereby changing the Laws of God. Their intention is to make everyone follow Luciferian Doctrine. Because of this, God gave Revelation unto Jesus Christ, to bring forth the final Armageddon to all who changed His Laws. This led to his prophecy against the Christians (Nicolaitans) and Jewish doctrine (religion), which He hated, for they are the synagogue (disciples) of Satan.