Look Damn Good

At Your Age, with Your Body and on Your Budget

Janet G. Cargill

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With public interest in makeovers at an all-time high, why does looking good still feel like a huge mystery? Image Consultant and motivational speaker Janet Cargill demonstrates that, in fact, it can be easy, fun and even deeply transformative. Using real-world stories, seasoned insights, and lots of humor, Janet shares practical tipsto help you look DAMN good! Learn how to discard the need to be perfect. Instead, discover your own unique beauty and how to work with it in alignment with who you are, your lifestyle, your body type, your age and your budget. Conveying her message with the wit and warmth of Erma Bombeck and the wisdom and wonderment of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Janet shares vignettes of her inspiring journey from feeling like the most unattractive girl in the 8th grade to a woman who finally came to realize that she looks damn good! If she can do it, you can, too. Learn how in Look DAMN Good! Looking DAMN Good is ultimately an inside job. Janet shares practical,down-to-earthtips that shes used with hundreds of women with phenomenal results. Its not about how big your budget is; you dont have to buy a lot of clothes just a few of the right ones. And Janet tells youHOW to shop andWHAT to buy. JoinJanet asshe uncovers the powerfulattitudes about ourselves andour bodies that deeplyimpact the image we project to the world. Janets unique approach focuses on the internal attitude shift AND the real know-how that will give you the confidence you need to make phenomenal changes in your inner and outer selves. Emerge comfortable and confident, with a spring in your step looking DAMN good!