Politics, Time , Flying, and Voices

A Collection of Short Stories

Dana Foster

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Belletristik / Science Fiction


Politics, Time, Flying, and Voices is a collection of four short stories that weave together routine circumstances and some ideas that may or may not be possible. Readers of a book like this might just find some surprises for each of the characters in each of the stories as follows : The Political Campaign Amateur : A politician is running for office who might have good ideas but cannot communicate them very well. The candidate is also prone to gaffes while speaking. He then receives unexpected help with improved campaign messaging. The help is in the form of articulate suggested speeches submitted by someone who is unexperienced with professional political campaign management or political speechwriting. Its Just a Matter of Time : Two different people who live apart love their precious time together when they visit with each other. They also have similar frustrations regarding time or time management. Futuristic ideas such as flying cars, nanocomputers, and foglets might provide each of them hope for overcoming those frustrations. Another Type of Transportation What if one could travel from point A to point B regardless of distance without the hassles or expense of traditional flying or the limitations of airline schedules ? The Ears and Eyes Above Changes in direction that Harry pursued with his life seemed to cause him to see and hear deceased relatives or the folks upstairs conducting discussions about his activities and thoughts. And then it appeared that there was an unseen but ongoing video-taping process recording everything that Harry was doing and thinking.