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Sherlock Holmes: Found Dead

Lyn McConchie

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


Former schoolmaster Collin Melrose is found dead, but why is he sitting in the wrong chair? And did Lily Klimpton kill herself after her lover’s death, or did she die at the hands of another? In Found Dead, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson return to unravel two mysterious tales by the devious Lyn McConchie. Local squire’s daughter Miss Bibiana Paget befriends the ailing Collin Melrose, who lives near her family’s estate. Melrose does not have long to live, so Miss Bibi isn’t shocked when she visits his cottage and discovers him dead. Yet why would a man who couldn’t walk unaided be sitting in a chair that was not his favorite, the one he always sat in? Something is very wrong, and Miss Bibi consults Holmes and Watson. Can they untangle the knotted threads of Melrose’s past and expose a killer? In their second case, Holmes and Watson visit the Isle of Sheppey to investigate Lily Klimpton’s death. Was it suicide, as everyone but her family believes, or was she murdered? And is her death related to that of Alistair Johnson, her erstwhile employer and paramour? Holmes and Watson’s investigations uncover a far deeper evil than they first suspected—but can they prevent more deaths and capture those responsible?

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