Maiden of the Silver Light

Season 3

Max Mathesius

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Belletristik / Fantasy


One fateful day, Aggerona emerge once more. From the depths of the darkest seas. Amulius, brother to the late treacherous Snake King Vilevelious takes action and threatens their world into chaos. With a plan to submerge the continents under the sea His forces easily overwhelms the Grass region of Anneria, neighboring continent of Mathias. With very little resistance surviving they fall back to Mathias for aid. Aware on every one of their move the Sea Lord sets his eye on Mathias where his brother last failed to overtake and destroy. The true power of the Aggerona army has emerged to take the field. With the Baronia empire buried away, Alistor and his team set off to aid their friends in need and finish what was started. As the Rose spirits lay to rest, they stand at a slight disadvantage against the numbers of the Aggerona army greater than before. The odds are against them as Amulius take interest in them for defeating his brother. A glimmer of small hope shines for Anneria on the tale of a Silver Maiden. A powerful warrior said to be long lost and sealed away in a deep sleep. She waits for her one true love to to find and awaken her. With not much to lose Alistor decides to seek the legend and gather all the help they can get.