Reincarnation & Hyperlink Theory

Are We Born Again?

Carlos Ruiz Poleo

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Ratgeber / Lebensführung, Persönliche Entwicklung


A vision-type dream on someone so far unknown to him and a series of personal experiences shatter the religious convictions of the author of this book as he struggles for more than twenty years to find a logical explanation for inter-connected events and premonitory dreams. In the search for his possible connection with the man in the dream, an ex-president of the USA, he analyzed several theories and finally found one that suggest another world and the existence of one life or many others beyond this one. Straining against all that he had previously believed he initially discounts the possibility of reincarnation but after countless discards and rejections he finally accepts it as being the only rational explanation to the doubts presented. In a process of past-life regression, inexplicable new evidence and memories appear which are later corroborated. However, he blatantly refuses to accept these memories as being his own because there is no scientific approach to justify their existence in his mind, as there had been no regular inputs or physical recording process in the brain which could account for their presence. As a result of this, a theory forms in the authors mind which he refers to as Hyperlink, which could offer a rational explanation for the possible access to remote memories of past lives and opens in the process a window on a world without the limits of time or space; one in which reincarnation links all.

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