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Catchin’ the Sun and Moonbeams, Dad …

Play, Laugh, Love

PJ Karr

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To his family and close friends, author PJ Karrs father was affectionately known as J. J., John, Johnnie, Jack, Grandpa, and Gramps. A feisty man until his death at ninety-six, he embraced life and lived it to the fullest. In Catchin the Sun and Moonbeams, Dad , Karr provides a collection of snapshots that encapsulate her fathers sense of humor, love of adventure, and willingness to take what life threw at him. With each snapshot, her universal keepsakes captivate and offer the reader a rare opportunity to jot down a personal reflection and inspirations. These stories showcase her fathers gifts of laughter, adventure, love, playtime, and attitude. They include reminisces of distinctive years, states, and settings. Play, laugh, and love each come alive in every chapter, even when life began to change in Johns early eighties. Karr embraces her dads lively spirit, which remained steadfast even during his last twelve years of progressive dementia and Alzheimers. A celebration of a life well lived, Catchin the Sun and Moonbeams, Dad , Dad serves as a reminder to capture the present moment and squeeze as much enjoyment out of it as possible.

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