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Without a Song

Janet Logan

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Offering a family memoir that reads like fiction, Without a Song tells one familys story through the voices of four of its members. Written by author Janet Logan, this uncommon love story begins in Llanerch, Pennsylvania, in 1919 when Glynis is eighteen and her sister, Grace, is thirteen. Glyniss father, a physician, forbids her from marrying her fianc, Raymond Vaughan. Dr. Alfred learns the young man has returned from France with a venereal disease. Spanning several decades, Without a Song narrates the saga of one family that includes marital conflict, health problems, work and career issues, and the cycle of life through the stock market crash of 1929, the Great Depression, the thirties, World War II, and beyond. It shares the impact of these events on the four main charactersand the impact of those characters on one another. This memoir shares the legacy of the Griffith clan, balancing the serious story with bits of humor and colorful characters.