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Selling with Presence

Use Your Personal Power to Close More Deals

Reggie Pearse

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Technology is crushing us, guys. It’s disrupting how buyers buy and, therefore, how we sales professionals must sell. Buyers don’t listen to us in the same way they used to because we no longer have power based on technical, product or current industry knowledge. All of that is right at our buyers’ fingertips. We have got to change up our game. To succeed in this increasingly complex and competitive environment we need great presence. Sales professionals with great presence have the ability to read the situation and seamlessly adjust their behavior to authentically connect with their buyers. They are persuasive because they have genuine regard for their buyers, and convey a passionate belief in what they are selling. They do the following consistently and well:

tune in to their buying audience

connect authentically

inspire their buyers to take action

This book helps the reader understand what it means to have great sales presence, and why great presence transcends any sales process.  Throughout the book there are many practical skill-building activities, best practices, tools and templates to help you leverage your most powerful self to close more deals.


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