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If It Ain’T One Thing . . .

Mary Morony

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Nearly forty years ago, when she left home and moved to New York, Sallee Mackey was ready to start her law career and find a man to love. Peter seemed just the guya glamorous attorney who was different in all the right ways. Her family didnt always approve of him, but Sallee stuck by his side, even when it pushed her away from the Mackey clan. Now, Sallees petulant daughter Virginia is getting married, and she has chosen to do so at her grandmothers farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Sallee is hesitant to return to her roots, but she doesnt have an option. She wont miss her daughters wedding. Family matriarch Ginny has even renovated the barn to entice the entire family to attend, no matter how many new skeletons tumble from half-open closets. Overall, Sallee is happy to see her daughter marry but is concerned about her daughters fianc, who has recently been discovered to be a star just starred in an as-yet-to-be-named pornographic film. Tension only increases when Virginia loses what little cool she once possessed. The Mackey family will have to hash out all sorts of old grudges as the weather forecast portends the biggest blizzard in years.

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