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Eight Steps to an Authentic Life

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Patricia Ullman

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Among the earliest teachings of the historical Buddha is his description of the Noble Eightfold Path, which is as complete and relevant today as it was more than 2,500 years ago. Though originally geared toward the monastic community, this teaching offers a complete and skillful way of integrating all aspects of life into a path of wakefulness and meaning, inviting you to contemplate all of life's important questions. In Eight Steps to an Authentic Life, author Patricia Ullman offers a look at the Noble Eightfold Path, presented in a fresh and relevant style that inspires you to reconsider your life's potential. Joining ancient wisdom with living experience, she explains the eight aspects using both traditional teachings and up-to-date personal examples. Each section includes a simple, yet powerful, meditation technique that leads to a deeper understanding of each aspect of the path, along with a relevant daily slogan taken from the teachings of Atisha. Giving a practical introduction to the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path and methods you might use to incorporate it into daily life, Eight Steps to an Authentic Life includes both philosophy and practice, synthesizing the eight aspects into a meaningful, authentic daily practice that embodies the entire path.

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