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Turning Toward Awareness

Stop Suffering Start Living

Ven. George Teng

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Turning Toward Awareness posthumously shares wisdom from a western monk ordained in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Written in 1974, Ven. George Teng's incisive writing and unique insights into the workings of the mind still provide an excellent foundation for spiritual practice. Buddhists as well as those who follow other faith traditions will find the author's thoughtful reflections inspiring. Even those without any faith tradition will benefit from his presentations on developing a meaningful life that brings happiness in the present and hope for the future.

The author shows how human growth becomes arrested and dysfunctional when our awareness is misguided by distorted beliefs. His work sheds light on the ways we try to protect ourselves, such as hiding our ignorance because we feel it is shameful; reacting to fear with cowardice; and embracing weakness as a lifestyle to gain others' energy and attention. His wisdom helps us become aware that our unhealthy mental habits are obscuring our innate nature of wisdom, compassion, and power, which have the potential to manifest in every moment through our intelligence, love, and creativity.

Turning Toward Awareness will help readers stop the suffering arising from wrong views and start living a life of true happiness.

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Religion, Buddhism for westerners, Personal Transformation, Buddhist Psychology, awareness, buddhism, mindfulness, insight, meditation, Buddhism, Spirituality