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Short Days, Long Nights

Shawn Scuefield

3,99 €
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Archway Publishing

Belletristik / Horror


What happens when the ordinary clashes with the extraordinary? Or when fear and wonder intersect with the eeriness of the inexplicable? In The Resurrection Man: A strangers visit to a small town turns the lives of its residents upside down as dark days from the past are revisited and suddenly dead no longer really means deadIn Nameless, Faceless: After nightmares begin plaguing Eric Meecham, ruining his relationships and leaving him questioning his sanity, he turns to a beautiful psychiatrist to lead him to the truth behind the dreams, but is he ready to face it? In The Driver: The rocky marriage of Howard and Mora Mitchell has been hanging by a thread for years. Now, after a night of bad decisions it is barreling full speed towards a tragic ending. In The Welcomers: Mia Shaw and David Payne embark upon what was to be an uneventful road trip, until they stop in an obscure town inhabited only by the elderly and an ancient evil that doesnt want them to leaveIn Love thy Neighbor, Or in the Very Least, Pretend: Conman Royal Gaines finds these are words to live by when he discovers the dark secret owned by his latest markIn One Step Forwards, Two Steps Back: Down on his luck Jake McCabe grapples with the revelation that the choices hes made to better his own future, seem to have doomed the future of all mankind. Short Days, Long Nights takes you on a journey through the dark and unknown.

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