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Executing Transformation

A Holistic Approach to Change Management

Joel Bigley

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With the competitive landscape changing faster than ever before, leaders understandably favor what has worked for them in the past.

But that kind of approach doesn’t give anyone the motivation to develop new and better strategies to execute and navigate change. As a result, change leaders and practitioners find themselves asking the same-old questions:

• With no time for failure, how can initiatives be moved forward?
• How do you fit the right change method to the change objective?
• How do you create a roadmap that is designed for success?
• Why do some organizations succeed with change while others struggle?

The authors share the insights of change management thought leaders that have stood the test of time within the scope of organization-wide change. Change managers today can review the work of these thought leaders to better understand and implement effective change in their organizations.

The authors also propose a holistic meta-framework to create a path for enterprise-wide change. With the insights from case studies, you’ll learn how to create a customized and robust transformation plan for your own organizational change initiatives.



Strategic Planning, Transformation, Execution, Leadership