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Time Is Not Lost

Love Is All There Is

Randy Bluebird

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


Daniel’s childhood, one far from privilege, leaves him feeling deprived and insecure—that is, until he discovers a more positive outlook on life when he turns fourteen. Thanks to the advice of a trusted and spiritual friend, he learns to change his mind and thereby change his life. From that day, Daniel studies and works hard, and this new mindset brings him early and significant success in business. Even so, he does not appreciate the true values of life, paying a high price in his personal relationships. It is not until Daniel is awakened at a later stage that he finds a way to live a healthier and more spiritual life. His story reveals true lessons gained from life experiences. It demonstrates the impact of conscious decisions that steer us into periods of darkness and light, proving that time is eternal and is not lost. This personal narrative shares the history of a man who faces both peaks of triumph and valleys of reversal and ultimately discovers the value of living life happily, moment by moment.



Helpful, Philosophical, Meaningful, Constructive, Emotional, Cross-cultural, Educational, Entertaining, Unique