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Trust Repair

It Is Possible!

Wendy Fraser Ph.D.

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Trust Repair: It IS Possible!

Are you a part of a group that is stuck? Eye rolling, finger pointing, rude comments, and uneasy silence are noticeable signs that a group is suffering from unresolved broken trust. If you have had enough and are ready to leave the drama behind, then this book is for you.

Or, are you part of a well-functioning team and want it to stay that way? Strong relationships within groups engender resilient individuals who can empathically and creatively handle setbacks and swiftly course-correct. If you want to ensure your team continues operating at its best, then this book is also for you.

Trust Repair presents a research-based model and behaviors that support healthy relationships. It offers wise strategies, easy-to-use tools, and is a fresh approach to seemingly strengthen trust.

This book will empower you to:

- Understand trust behaviors.
- Diagnose specific barriers to trust.
- Reference a model to repair trust.
- Quickly access assessments and tools for immediate use to get your group back on track and keep you on the path to success!

Ever ask: Is it possible to repair trust?

Based on experience and research contained in this book, the answer is yes! If you are ready for change, you are invited to begin the journey today toward trust repair—it is possible!

Comments about the book:

“Readers will be drawn to Dr. Fraser’s relatable stories and simply-stated text. Her extensive research and experience shine through in an understandable process for repairing trust not only in the workplace, but also in personal relationships. Teams will find the many tools and exercises pragmatic for working through their trust issues.” —Mary Beth Colón, Senior Business Systems Analyst (Ret), Bank of New York Mellon

“Wendy Fraser speaks the truth about trust—how we lose it, but more importantly how to recover it and build even stronger bonds among our teams. Her common-sense approach to improving trust is helping us create the organizational culture we all wished for, but thought was impossible to achieve. Wendy planted hope in our hearts and showed us the path to reach our goals!” —Larisa Benson, Chief Systems Convener of the Government Performance Consortium

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