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Against All Odds

Kathleen Rigdon Highley

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


When seventeen-year-old Paul Baldwin rejects Alexandria Luna in front of a group in the hallway at school because she is not godly and pure in his eyes, she decides that goody-two-shoes Paul will be sorry he ever messed with her. As Paul tries to move on with his life, Alexandria, a modern-day Jezebel, relentlessly pursues him until he threatens her with arrest if she does not stop. Finally, he believes he is rid of her—or is he?

While working at a summer Christian camp in Tennessee, Paul meets the beautiful, Jo Sterling, who immediately captures his heart. As love leads the faithful couple to eventually marry, they are bombarded with one challenge after another that include Alexandria’s warped attempts to still possess Paul. Determined to persevere, they listen for God’s voice to guide them through the tough times. But when Jo tries to help someone and is brutally attacked as a result, their faith is tested in ways they never imagined. They struggle to rise above this challenge together, with help from the Lord’s eternal grace.

Against All Odds is the story of a young Christian couple as they persevere through seemingly insurmountable obstacles to embrace their faith and the power of miracles.

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Christian romance, pure love, God, infertility, faithful living, life challenges, inspirational fiction