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A Leadership Strategy

Been There and Done That!

Dr. Sharon E. Downey DSL

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Leadership is time-consuming, and it requires a strategic plan for leaders to be successful. In A Leadership Strategy, author Dr. Sharon E. Downey offers a guide for emerging leaders and those in a leadership role.

It provides leadership direction in nine different sequential building blocks:

• position vs. process—both stances of position and stances of process;

• leadership mindset as part of developing a leadership stance;

• leadership development and practices that can support leadership styles, such as mentoring, coaching, and consulting;

• leadership effectiveness and practices that can develop and improve the overall effectiveness of leaders;

• measuring leadership effectiveness and efficiency, such as leadership index, 360 feedback, and instrument tools;

• challenges in leadership, along with solutions for overcoming challenges;

• diversity in leadership, providing insight on how to have openness to others’ opinions and values;

• faith in leadership and servant leadership; and

• pearls of leadership and the rewards and benefits of good leadership, making a difference and changing lives within organizations.

Based on Downey’s professional experience, A Leadership Strategy advocates leadership philosophy and its real-world usage within organizations.

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