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The Reach

A Better Humanity

Don C. Davis

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


From his farmhouse porch Granddad tells stories to his multi-age grandchildren to help them define a better humanity.

Dreamers like Elon Musk had already inspired Granddad’s grandchildren to believe in a great technological future. While Granddad welcomed and celebrated the tremendous potential of our science and technology, he wanted his grandchildren to see the potential of living by a picture of themselves reaching for a better humanity, empowered by a partnership of science, technology and a knowledge-based faith informed by the Big Ten Humanitarian Qualities.

Such a story-based paradigm is so overarching it adds an important complement to all religions, politics, and cultures, and so inclusive for our global age it can be taught in all the learning centers of the world, so any boy and girl can proudly say, “I have been taught the Big Ten Humanitarian Qualities as the, ABC’s of successful living wherever I live in the world family!”

The Reach is a symphony of stories in the arena of success and personal development, neuro science, positive psychology, and inspiration from the dynamic uplift of feedback from qualities-based living. Because of the plasticity of the brain to reset itself so it guides our story by a picture of ourselves reaching for our best self and a better humanity, we can dream big and live on the reach side of immense possibilities!

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inspirational short stories, success, future, humanity, philosophy, Ten Humanitarian Qualities, dreams