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My Revealing Faith

One Woman's Story of Faith, Hope, and Inspiration

Elizabeth Beulla

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Elizabeth Beulla was told from an early age that she may not live—let alone walk.

As an infant, doctors broke the news to her mom that she had brain damage. She was placed in an incubator but her mother talked to her continuously, knowing that if she heard her voice, she’d fight.

Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, doctors said Beulla would not live a normal life. Today, however, she lives a life similar to everyone else, which she credits to having tremendous faith and a wonderfully supportive family.

My Revealing Faith is a story that walks you through Beulla’s life of proving naysayers wrong and achieving what even those close to her doubted was possible.

In sharing her story, she also recalls the pain of seeing her parents divorce as well as devastating family tragedies.

Through it all, her faith picked her up and urged her to keep fighting.

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hardships, forgiveness, neurological disorders, persistence, Faith, cerebral palsy, disability