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The Good Evil Queen

Michael Fridgen

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Belletristik / Spannung


It all started when Laura Ingalls Wilder’s quilt was taken from a museum in Walnut Grove, Minnesota. Soon, other items from small museums dedicated to famous Minnesotans began to disappear. However, as with many criminals, the thief can’t stop while ahead.

The situation worsens as the incidents escalate, and the thief searches for a perfect accomplice. Reminiscent of the 1924 Leopold and Loebe atrocity, these two thugs unleash a spree that terrorizes northern Minnesota—all in the pursuit of the perfect crime. As the police and lawyers get involved, people in the area begin to debate the nature of criminals and whether an excuse should lead to an exoneration.

From Sinclair Lewis’ funeral urn to Glensheen’s wicked candlestick, The Good Evil Queen by Michael Frigden offers a crime thriller from the pages of Minnesota’s history.

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Crime, History, Theft, Psychology, Minnesota, Antiquities, Museums