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Missing Trust

Screams of the Wildcat


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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Home to many people before us, the land has a history all its own. The trials and tribulations suffered by the occupants of the ground, that we temporarily call our own, is forever etched into that history. What secrets does the land hold? The Jackson family is about to find out.

It is 1831 when Andrew and Mahalia Jackson and their six children homestead the land that lies north of Wildcat Creek. Twenty years have passed since the Myaamia tribe called this place their home. After they build a cabin and barn near the woods, the family hears strange noises at night. Andrew tries to pass it off as the wind or animals, but Mahalia fears the forest is haunted and believes her daughter, Lucinda, is cursed. As a big black cat watches over her domain from high in the trees as her father had asked of the Great Mysterious, the Jackson family soon discovers that no one owns the ground forever. The curse is as real as the spirits who remain. As time passes, how many other families will make the same discovery?

Missing Trust is a tale of the land that overlooks Wildcat Creek, the curse of an old Indian, and the families who attempt to carve out a life, despite the devastating events that befall them.

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survival, Native Americans, haunting, Wildcat Creek, curse, farmers, 1800s