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Sociology of Religion

A Rodney Stark Reader

Rodney Stark

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Pädagogik


For the last five decades, Rodney Stark has been one of sociology’s most prolific and important scholars of religion. The theoretical depth, the scientific rigor, and the clarity of style manifested in Stark’s oeuvre—over 30 books and 140 articles—have made his work the standard texts. Stark’s research career encompasses a wide spectrum of the necessary topics in sociology of religion. He has applied groundbreaking theory and method to issues of secularization, religion and society, religious movements, social theory, and the history of religion.

Sociology of Religion: A Rodney Stark Reader mirrors Stark’s influential career by highlighting these very topics. In this anthology, Stark’s significant articles are not only, for the first time, collected together but also clearly organized according to the thematic trajectory of Stark’s carefully developed theory of religion. This volume is the essential reader for any scholar, teacher, or student encountering the work of one of this century’s most compelling sociologists.



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