Heaven Sent

A Legacy of Love from Human, to Angel, to Canine

M. Endsley

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


What would you do if you were returning back to earth from heaven not as a human, when you were previously a seventy-two year old man? Well, Rob Harper was about to find out. He has been sent on a mission to earth, mostly against his will, as he had been a guardian angel for his widowed wife for over twenty-five years. Unknowing of what is to come, Rob is more than surprised to find he out he has been reborn as a tiny Chihuahua. Life as he once knew it has all but unraveled, now he is left on his own to knit it back into some form of sanity in order to fulfill his mission. Believing there are no mistakes made in heaven, Rob is venturing out in this tiny new form to do his best. His goal is to complete the mission so he can return back to heaven and retake his position as guardian. What he discovers is not only different, but actually good. Eventually, after a turn of events Rob winds up eager to remain on earth as a tiny dog. Find out what brought about this change of heart and how his plight becomes a new awareness he never had. Learn about the trials and tribulations that a tiny dog experiences. Robs attitude, antics and determination as Sophie will delight and surprise you as his life evolves into a full blown adventure to be enjoyed by the entire family. This little dog will keep you laughing and warm your heart from the first page right down to the very last.

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