Global Warming: the Iceman Cometh (And Other Cultural Takes)

Donald R. Loedding

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


19th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published book AwardsAuthor: Donald R. Loedding title: The Search For The Bearded ClamCategory: Nonfiction Judge: 54Scale 1-5 with 5 Excellent\Structure and Organization: 5Grammar: 5Judge's commentary: This collection of personal experiences, droll tales of somewhat less accuracy, and a wide-ranging series of mini-editorials, journal entries, and other free-ranging commentary on a multitude of subjects is likely to engage the sustained interest of many readers. The author is remarkably candid and writes in an earthy fashion that's often quite humorous. The smorgasbord of subjects takes in sex and love, parents and children, radiological warfare and waste, geological surveys, field trips, living and working in Latin America, Hawaii, the Olympic Games, etc. A good deal of practical information is woven into the material, and a full life is dissected in many small chapters. Amazon Customer ReviewsI enjoyed this book so much. This is a man that is extremely entertaining for those who are adult enough to listen. The stories are great and full of fun. What a truly full life he has lived and we are lucky to have been able to share his life through his stories. Only read this if you want to laugh and have fun. This is a wonderful book filled with all kinds of life's experiences from one man who has an open mind. It will show you how to laugh at life. It is also a very creative book that is filled with different stories and an added input of humor that is hard to put down. is a very good read. A person that is not easily offended and just wants a good laugh will thoroughly enjoy this book. Along with the laughs are some truly heartfelt stories that will make you wanna cry. This collection of one man's life adventures goes from the sublime to the ridiculous and it's all true. Larch covers some serious topics and some for fun, all from his point of view based on seventy-five years of hands on experience and higher education of the bookish nature. A sense of humor and an open minded perspective is required of the reader, depending on the essay. This potpourri is for those who want a vicarious get away based on intelligent observations and a thumb-your-nose, can-do attitude against all odds and traditions. A fair mix of fact and fiction, he lets you know the difference. Go for it. Barnes&NobleThis book is one of the most entertaining I have read in a long time. It's not often you come across one that will make you laugh, cry and cuss all at the same time. So many of the stories are ones that you wish were you own to tell. Then there is some that if it was a movie you'd have to cover your eyes. You haven't lived till you have read chapter three of The Search For The Bearded Clam!A very interesting and entertaining mixture of fact, fiction, and knowledge are in these short stories and articles. He has apparently had far from a boring life! With his wits, humor, vocabulary, and sensitivity, he could describe a crack of dawn as the most beautiful experience of nature or as a fat woman wearing hip huggers. You don't know what to expect when you start reading a selection from this book. Great reading! Read it and get to know who he is.

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