Sarah's Story

Target of a Serial Killer

Sarah Lea Pisan

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Sarahs Story offers an in-depth look at the mental anguish caused by a sick, twisted predator. It is rare to really be able to examine the torment serial killers and stalkers have on their prey. Unfortunately, there are not often survivors to tell their story. The images and nightmares that were created by his disturbing, threatening phone calls are brought to the surface giving the reader some real insight into the games played by these psychopaths. Even when the threat is removed, the lasting effects linger. The physical threat by a deranged monster is always evident. The emotional, mental torture is entirely different. Sarah is one of few people that can offer that firsthand account. She lived it for several months. Sarahs Story gives both the physical and mental aspects of being stalked by a serial killer capable of evils beyond imagination. To make matters worse, the police could not catch him!Sarah Lea Pisan is a 52-year-old, mother of three, grandmother of five. She currently lives in Oregon, near the coast. She enjoys time spent with her family. She also likes to fish, clam and crab. Her hobbies include painting, reading, and various crafts. She is working in insurance presently. Please feel free to e-mail me your comments or feedback at

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