Advanced Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Operations

Tradecraft Methods, Practices, Tactics, and Techniques

Robert J Girod

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sozialwissenschaften allgemein


Tradecraft is a term used within the intelligence community to describe the methods, practices, and techniques used in espionage and clandestine investigations. Whether the practitioner is a covert agent for the government or an identity thief and con man, the methods, practices, tactics, and techniques are often the same and sometimes learned from the same sources. Advanced Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Operations: Tradecraft Methods, Practices, Tactics, and Techniques reveals how intelligence officers and investigators conduct their tradecraft. You'll learn how to plan an operation, how to build an identity and cover story for deep cover operations, and how to detect those who have created false identities for illegal purposes. You'll also get insight into the technical aspects of intelligence (the INTs), counterintelligence, and criminal investigations, and legal considerations for conducting intelligence investigations. Topics include:A discussion of black bag operational planningHUMINT (human intelligence)-the gathering of information from human sourcesDAME (defenses against methods of entry), forced entry into buildings, safes and combination locks, and automobile locksPSYOPS (psychological operations) and the use of social networksELINT (electronic intelligence) and SIGINT (signals intelligence)-electronic interception of intelligence, bugs, wiretaps, and other communications interceptionsEMINT (emanations intelligence), which concerns the emanation of data, signals, or other intelligence from C4I systemsIMINT (imagery intelligence), involving any intelligence gathered using imagesIntelligence files and analytical methodsBased upon the author's training and experience over more than three decades as a law enforcement investigator and military officer, as well as research conducted as an attorney and in academia, the book provides you with an insider perspective on sensitive covert and overt operations and sources. Supplemented with roughly 140 illustrations and photos, this collection of special skills and reference materials is essential to the professional investigator and intelligence operative.

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