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Life Simplified!

Simplifying Lives Globally...

Sujit Lalwani

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Schule und Lernen / Schulbücher Allgemeinbildende Schulen


This is a book for basic orientation to life for teenagers & youth in 14-28years of age. Most suitable for high school kids, adolescents during pre-graduation and graduation years and the youth who have lost their way in early career stages post their education. It's for those who need orientation in life towards simplifying the confusions that life throws at the crucial junctures of life. The book is a feast for non-readers too as it is simple in approach and classic in presentation. The content is not too mature and less complex to serve rising young people from modest backgrounds too. The goal of this book is to keep youth up and going at all times, orienting them towards their goals, empowering their overall life, empowering their decisions, resolving their mental conflicts, building a sound decision-making foundation on their mind, giving them an extra edge with the right attitudes, and eventually simplifying their lives. This is a simple, unique, easy-to-read, and comprehensible piece of work, which is a treat even for nonreaders.

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