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Healthy Living Through "Dosha Healing"


Dr. Sonica Krishan

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Ratgeber / Gesundheit


Three childhood friends part ways only to meet after nine long years. But the reunion takes an unexpected turn, forcing them down a road they never dreamed of. Along the way, they find out several things about each other that are both shocking and heart-wrenching. More importantly, each finds out things about herself that change who she is forever. After a lifetime of questions, they finally find the answers. And all this because of one man who introduces them to the ancient wisdom of ayurvedic dosha healing. A health fiction based on hard facts and centuries old knowledge that will touch you. As you turn the pages and get intimate with the lives of each of the friends, you will find yourself drawing parallels to your own self and your life. And before you know it, you too will be pulled onto the path of dosha healing, much like the three friends, and be transformed inside out. If you thought that ayurveda was boring and had only to do with your physical health, you are about to find out how wrong you are.

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