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Telephone Communication System Essentials

S. Sudhananthan

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Perhaps nothing is taken more for granted than the telephone. Whenever you pick it up, you just assume it will work. But there are many elements in a telephone network, and they all must be integrated. Whether its signaling, switching or channeling, so many things need to go right. In this guidebook, youll learn about key topics such as: differences between analog and digital signals; strategic analog and digital communication illustrations; basics about circuit switching and packet switching; wireless channels, modulation, and multiplexing. Even though its one of the most amazing devices ever created, many people still dont have a real appreciation for the telephone, which has given businesses the opportunity to reach more prospects and individuals a way to stay in touch with family members and friends. Whether youre a student, lecturer, professional in the field or just someone who is curious about how telephone networks function, youll be armed with fundamental knowledge in Telephone Communication System Essentials.

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