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Osh Induction Program in Enhancing Safety Awareness Amongst Fabrication Workers in Brooke Dockyard, Kuching, Sarawak

Andrew Anak Ronggie

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Internationales Recht, Ausländisches Recht


This academic research is conducted to examine the occupational safety and health induction program in enhancing safety awareness amongst fabrication workers. For that purpose, this study will be conducted within Brooke Dockyard and Engineering Works Corporation (BDEWC), focusing on employees who are involved directly or indirectly with fabrication works. There were two main research methodologies applied, namely direct observation and personal survey using structured questionnaire forms. A number of 175 employees are targeted as respondents, which will cover the various sections within the abovementioned department. Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) Version 19.0 has been applied to conduct the entire analysis such as to generate descriptive analysis and inferential statistic. An expected result consists of the Cronbachs Alpha level for the overall constructs in this study should be above 0.700 and detail analysis of study findings as elaborated in Chapter IV. In-depth analysis such as Pearsons Coefficient, ANOVA and T-Test had been applied to answer the researchs aim and objectives, in addition to prove the acceptance level of researchs hypotheses. From the study findings, a number of recommendations were suggested to be adopted in line to enhance the organization productivity with greater safety working environment and excellent safety culture.

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