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Flying Penguin

How to Create Miracles in Your Life Using the Six Dimensions of Success

Dr. Asoka Nimal Jinadasa

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Preschool children learn a multitude of complex skills including walking and talking without a teacher by using their vast inborn intuitive human intelligence. And, they can play games on a smartphone long before they can read. As an adult, you still have that miraculous power sleeping within you. In Flying Penguin, author Dr. Asoka Nimal Jinadasa explains how you can awaken that power. Through simple concepts and techniques, he offers a comprehensive guide to help you unleash your inborn human potential by developing your six dimensions of success: heart, mind, body, passion, focus, and health. He shows you how you can: fly far beyond the limitations of your daily life; achieve highest levels of success in everything you do; become younger, healthier, and sexier each day; reach goals beyond your wildest dreams. Containing a blend of concepts and methodologies drawn from diverse sources such as Chinese martial arts, Tibetan rites, and Himalayan wisdom combined with the latest research in behavioral psychology, neuroscience, genetics, nutrition, and healthcare, Flying Penguin presents ways to experience the thrill of freeing your wings and flying far beyond the limitations of everyday life. It is probably the most comprehensive self-coaching book ever written.

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