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Joys of Being Yourself

Meet Your Authentic Self

Yogita Joshi

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


While training the teachers in pre-service as well as in-service training, the author found it involves training the minds and molding attitudes. After extensive research, it was found that divine wisdom can be acquired by getting rid of our false self. When we try to explore our mind, we go through many weird experiences. Here a person has many questions in mind. This book will help the reader to understand (1) different ways of life, (2) role of thought and perception, (3) nature of human psyche, (4) how to get rid of false self, and (5) how to be real and enjoy a blissful life. It will highlight the real joy of being yourself, accepting the fact that self is the most neglected side of modern life. This book will serve as a self-help guide to those who aspire to meet their authentic self.