Tribology of Reciprocating Engines

Proceedings of the 9th Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology Held in Bondington Hall, the University of Leeds, England 7-10 September 1982

D. Dowson (Hrsg.), C. M. Taylor (Hrsg.), M. Godet (Hrsg.)

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Tribology of Reciprocating Engines documents the proceedings of the 9th Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology held at the University of Leeds, England on September 7-10, 1982. This book emphasizes advances in the working principals of the tribological components that operate with relative motion. The topics discussed include the dynamic analysis of engine bearing systems, measurement of oil film thickness in diesel motor main bearings, and temperature variations in crankshaft bearings. The theoretical and experimental study of ring-liner friction, tribology in the cylinders of reciprocating compressors, and lubricant properties in the diesel engine piston ring zone are also described. This text likewise considers the metallurgy of scoring and scuffing failure, impact of oil contamination on wear and energy losses, and role of tappet surface morphology and metallurgy in cam/tappet life. This compilation is a good reference for triblogists, lubrication engineers, and specialists researching on reciprocating engines.

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