Register for Recording Purchases and Supplies of Dangerous Drugs

Sam Stuart

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Recht


Register for Recording Purchases and Supplies of Dangerous Drugs is a list of registration forms for use by qualified medical practitioners, dentists, veterinarians, who can possess, supply or prepare dangerous drugs in exercise of their professions. This compilation of registration forms includes extracts from regulations made under the Dangerous Drugs Act, 1920 outlining the withdrawal of authority of an authorized person from by the Secretary of State. This book defines the form of prescription, the provisions as to dispensing of prescriptions, and the keeping of records in the register. This book also requires the authorized practitioners to preserve documents such as all registers, records, books, or prescriptions, as well as lists the preparations exempted from the regulations. These exempted preparations include Pasta Arsenicalis, B.P.C. 1934, Pil. Ipecac. c. Scila, B.P.C. 1934, Pulv. Cretae Aromat. C. Opio, B.P. 1932. The practitioner should scan and consult medical journals from time to time for any announcement of changes in the list of exempted drugs. This book lists forms for purchases and supplies for various drugs such as morphine, diamorphine, cocaine, medicinal opium, Indian hemp, Eucodal, Dicodide, Dilaudide, Desomorphine, and Pethidine. This book is intended for the use of physicians, surgeons, dentists, and veterinarians. It can also benefit pharmacists and pharmacologists.

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