Advances in Cell Culture

Karl Maramorosch (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Biologie


Advances in Cell Culture, Volume 5 is a compilation of research papers in the field of cell culture. The contributions reflect the thinking and accomplishments of those who are in the forefront of the broad field of cell culture. This volume contains chapters that describe hybrids of pancreatic islet and insulinoma cells; cultured chondrocytes and their applications in pharmacology; human blood cells for studying measles virus replication; and genetic studies of influenza virus in cultured cells. The rapid cultivation of various species of trees from isolated plant cells and the diverse applications of tree tissue culture are the focus of one chapter. The uses of invertebrate cell lines of mosquitoes, Drosophila, and lepidopteran species as tools for research in physiology, development, and genetics as well as for biochemical and hormonal studies are discussed in three chapters. Another contribution covers the in vitro cultivation of avian coccidia. The volume ends with a historical account of the development of cell banking and of quality control. Also included is a biographical sketch of Harry Eagle, whose pioneering work on defined media has had an enormous impact on cell culture. Cell biologists and researchers who use in vitro techniques will find the book highly informative and insightful.

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