Horizons of Bioenergetics

Proceedings of a Symposium held at Bloomington, Indiana October 12-15, 1970

Howard Gest (Hrsg.), Anthony San Pietro (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Biologie


Horizons of Bioenergetics provides information pertinent to the fundamental aspects of bioenergetics. This book covers a variety of topics, including oxidative phosphorylation, energy conservation, ATP formation, metabolic regulation, glycolysis, and photosynthesis efficiency. Organized into five sessions encompassing 23 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the major landmarks in biochemical evolution that are most relevant to the discussion on bioenergetics. This text then reviews the knowledge about ATP generation by substrate level phosphorylation by anaerobic bacteria that ferment organic compounds. Other chapters consider the resolution and reconstitution of oxidative phosphorylation. This book discusses as well another energy-requiring activity associated with electron transport in mitochondria that may take primacy over oxidative phosphorylation. The final chapter deals with the possibility that conformational change can induce major shifts in electro-chemical potential and provide a mechanism for energy storage and conversion. This book is a valuable resource for biochemists, scientists, and research workers.

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